Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Changing models

What is the 7 year itch? And when is it to occur? Is it the year before you have been married 7 years or is it the year after you were married? How do you count the seven years, does this reoccur every 7 years in your marriage or relationship? Does the 7 years count from when you first met and began dating, before you even were married? Or does it count from when you began going steady, or moved in together?

What is that “itch” then? Someone told me when I asked that if you have survived in your relationship for 7 years then you are in the safe, but many marriages dissolve even after that, after 20 years of marriage or more.

I know the cells in our bodies are renewed every 7 years; does this have anything to do with it?
That we want something new again as our bodies are new and refreshed…even though as we are just as fat as we were before all the cells were renewed.

Or is it spring doing it again, waking us up? With more light, the sun shining you feel better and begin to watch around you in a different way, some kind of awakening after the winter cold and you all of a sudden notice all the people around you in the sunshine, see a nice looking person, or someone is just being nice to you and there you go.

You fall in love again, and have a little fling and just carry on afterwards like nothing ever happened.

Or is the 7 year itch is just an excuse to tell your spouse that you are fed up with him (or her for that matter depending on your own sex of course), and are changing into a newer and less used model?

Sometimes I hope it was that easy to change the off-spring as well into a nicer model, one that is easier to handle, maintain and does what you tell them to do!

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