Friday, 20 April 2007

Herring and red wine

On rare occasions we have the opportunity to be home alone just the two of us, my husband and me, and today being one of them my husband taking some time off from work to spend some quality time with me. The sun was shining nicely so out for a walk down to the market and get some shopping done for the weekend, and of course being on the water side you come to think of fish so we got some smoked herring.

Imagine, smoked herring on Finnish rye bread and some red wine, yummy! I just love it, it is one of the best inventions in this country. The smoked herring and the rye bread the red wine is my own culinary combination, it might sound odd but it really is worth to try!

I know they say white wine with the fish but I can not help myself, smoked fish is delicious with red wine, especially one with a bouquet to match the heavy smoke-taste.

My husband also bought me a brand new knife, a Laplander one, a very sharp one that I have already had the opportunity to cut myself on. And knives a woman can never have too many of, especially if she is fond of cooking like me.

Anyway, having time without any off-spring to mind I suggested to my husband that we should go to a bar pretending not knowing each other and either him or me hitting on the other one and book a room in a hotel to spend the night in.

Well, the bar thing with hitting on me was interesting, but he was not at all keen on going anywhere else than home. And as the night is still young we will see what comes out of it. So in the end I guess I will have to be pleased with the smoked herring and red wine, and as I have a good book to read I have no need for any other entertainment.

Just like any ordinary day with the kids home.

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