Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Stand off in kitchen

With the off-spring getting older new situations earlier unheard of arise from time to time, the newest one is cooking porridge.

Cooking porridge for breakfast, for snack in the afternoon when back from school or late at night before going to bed. Nothing bad in that, really, I am just amazed at the creativity of what the porridge is eaten with.

Jam, sliced banana, a little butter, milk and sugar or even honey I can understand but chocolate or hazelnut spread mixed in it! Or cocoa! Why not try the Finnish egg-butter that you have with the Carelian pies or bacon and eggs in it for that matter while you’re having a culinary creative fit?!?

Cooking the porridge without my help is nice, but the not cleaning up, or the not washing of the pot where the porridge is burned to a black crust on the bottom is definitively not to my taste. For the time being we do have a pot in the kitchen sink awaiting its’ cleaning.

Anyway, I just heard on the news that a war criminal from the Balkans has been transferred to serve his 20 year sentence in a Finnish prison after his sentence was announced, and also that this is not the only case, that there are more war criminals in prison here which I was surprised to hear about.

Well, the burnt pot has been taken hostage and a “prison sentence” in seclusion in the culprits own chamber for the rest of the week is soon to be ruled by this mum, if nothing happens with this particular pot, and soon! And the culinary experiments with porridge are off in my kitchen for the time being. One stand-off with pot in the kitchen has to be dealt with first.

I better put the kettle on, I do need some more tea this morning!

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