Sunday, 15 April 2007

TV Sunday

Interior design has grown popularity here in Finland lately, and a couple of programs on TV are worth the while in my opinion. Unfortunately they are broadcasted at the same time on Sunday mornings when I like to watch the re-runs on TV so I have to choose between which one of the two to watch.

I am quite fond of Finnish design as it is in itself quite distinct in being plain and straight forward without too many frills or extravagnzas but I do not agree with the whiteness they have adopted into everything in interior design. First it is hard to keep clean, with kids and cats, and I like some colour as you might discover from my e-cards for instance.

Another thing I enjoy watching on Sundays are all the cooking programs that are re-run their second time. Most of the program I watch also post their featured recipes on the net, which is good as I do not always get them while watching the program itself.

At least today there is not going to be any try-outs on any recipes even if the ingredients would happen to be in stock et the moment in my cupboards, not with the kitchen in the mess it was left in yesterday after the service guy!

Anyway, soon all the shops are allowed to be open on Sundays again, sometime in May if they have not changed anything about it this year so I can even enjoy trying the dishes I have not got the ingredients to at home.

One sure thing in Finland is that you will never stay secure with anything here, the Finns surprisingly change their minds. Not maybe the average citizens, they have their opinions which rarely seem to change, but the politicians and with them the authorities suffer from a great obsession to change everything from how the last government, or city council for that matter, decided upon it to be once and want a change, to alter it the complete opposite if only possible, just to make a difference, no matter if good or bad.

And now with a new government soon to begin their rule, with it consisting more of right-wing politicians than for decades we might be in for quite a few surprises these coming years. So with any good luck there might be a better consistency in when the shops are kept open as the opening hours of the shops here in Finland do not seize to amaze me in one way or another.

Why are the shops only allowed to be open from early morning until 6 pm on Saturdays and on Sundays they do not open before 12 am but can stay open until 9 pm? Has this something to do with the traditional Saturday sauna or what? And I am not even going to get into the opening hours on days preceding or following a public holiday like at Xmas or at Midsummer’s Eve!

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