Saturday, 21 April 2007

Etiquette and politics

Politics are different in every country and now with the French presidential elections there is a good chance to compare it to the Finnish parliamentary elections and how the publicity of the candidates is formed.

In France there have so far been great men of the world as presidents, great seducers and all the male candidates tend to emphasize this. One of them just recently separated managed to get a rumour going about seeing a female journalist, just to emphasize his manhood.

The one female candidate is dressed in virgin white on all occasions; she is cool, friendly and not flirty in any way and only shows her demure side. I guess a flirtatious woman would not be considered trustworthy, whereas a male is. Why?!?

Well, a president in office needs “cojones” so I really hope she has got them if she gets elected. I know that the Finnish president has got them. By the way, she was not even married when getting elected, but she did marry her partner after being installed in office. Guess it makes a lot of things easier being married when having banquets, with the order of the table seating to only mention one thing.

Well, here in Finland the demure style of the French presidential candidate could work, but not the French male seduction campaign, it would probably be considered very manly yes, but not trustworthy. And a politician must seem to be trustworthy when people are voting for them, at least look like they can be trusted.

The newly re-elected Finnish prime minister is single for the time being and this must cause some trouble for many host for various occasions considering the seating order, who match him with this time.

And if he is to become engaged well that would be the day, he should be seated next to his bride to be at all times according to protocol. Or is there another protocol and etiquette for engaged prime ministers, kings, princesses and heads of state?

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