Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Coca or Cola?

A human rights organisation is accusing several European countries of having granted asylum to people suspected of having committed genocide in the 1990's in Rwanda.

Here, with Finland being one of the countries accused of protecting criminals against human rights, the officials state that there is currently only one Rwandan living in Finland and the conditions of a second one is investigated to see if asylum can be granted.

How hard is it to prove anything if you have no papers, and of course any legal documents can be stolen or lost when in war zones, or thrown away on purpose for that matter, not forgetting to mention about forging passports and driver’s licenses. How many people are there living just in little Finland with false identities, and no matter of what ever reason it may be?

Anyway, I just heard that the country of Colombia is considering naming the coca-bush, from which you extract cocaine, as their heritage plant…which would mean that the soft drink Coca Cola probably would have to change the name.

Imagine the world without Coca- Cola…I mean the name has been Coca Cola for what, more than a century now? And must be one of the best known brands, if the not THE brand in the world!

By the way, did not Coca Cola contain some cocaine in original version, in the beginning?

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