Thursday, 19 April 2007

Happy meal

The President held a dinner on Tuesday for the diplomatic corps at the residency or “the Castle” as it is called here in Finland and at the dinner there was served a soup of wild asparagus, how wild can an asparagus get? And quails with morils.

Who knows that morils actually are poisonous and if they are not prepared correctly you can actually die eating them?

Anyway, dyed morils are commonly used as a cheaper substitute for truffles in food and a couple of years ago natural truffles was found growing in the ground here in Finland. And if I do not recall it incorrectly, the truffle specie found was one of the most expensive and rarest one, black truffles, and now there is research done to investigate if growing truffles would be possible in Finland in a larger scale.

According to recently published research the Finns are the second happiest people in Europe only second to the Danish.

So are the Finns happier only because they never know when they are going to die, if the chef does not know he, or she, is doing?

I guess it was a happy meal at the residency, as there has been no reports of dying diplomats, and the chefs were real professionals and knew what they did.

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