Sunday, 22 April 2007

Increased need

Last year record many people moved to Finland, almost 22.500 which is 1.100 more than the year before, and with only 14.000 persons moving abroad.

What I would like to know, talking statistics as we are again, how many of the immigrants were moving back to Finland, and how many went abroad to study?

It is like statistics about how many people that are unemployed, depends on who counts them and how they are counted. I know about at least two persons who are retired because of health reasons but still are counted as unemployed as their paperwork is not through yet, and that has now been for several years, or one being on maternity leave but still receiving unemployment benefits.

Anyway, we went for a walk again with the weather being so nice my husband and I, to get some fresh air before I have to start cooking for the Sunday dinner we have today with some friends coming over. When we were just leaving I told my husband that I’ll just get the camera, which resulted in a grunt from him “Oh, one of these days again”.
What on earth did he mean by that?

Except that it might be more of taking pictures than walking. He should be happy I decided to go with him instead of staying home trying out my brand new, sharp knife! Which I will today cooking dinner, later. I just have to check if there are any plasters left, and if not, today being a Sunday I might be in trouble as the shops are not open and I’d rather not take a trip down to the pharmacist to get some.

At least this statistics the husband and off-spring at least are sure about, mum getting a new knife normally means an increased need of band-aids for the next two weeks.

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