Thursday, 12 April 2007

Artistic disagreements

A great deal has lately been heard about the disagreements in the Finnish National Opera house.

Their top conductor has given his resignation due to inconsistent disagreements with the board about the artistic and financial running of the Opera and the staff walked out of their job supporting their conductor in protest of the Board. In the summer the staff will be given notice as the house will be renovated and business as usual in the autumn. It will be exciting to see what this develops to next as new members of board were announced after the old ones were dismissed with a new chairman beginning on the 1st of April. The new board is expected to get the finances into better shape, decide who is in charge of what part of the activities as well as stabilizing the working atmosphere with possible lay offs and hiring new staff.

And as some dancers are retiring so staff changes are to be expected anyway as dancers usually only can pursue their dancing career into their forties and retire from active dancing, that is if you listen to your body and what it is saying. And that is a fact, our bodies are not as fresh anymore after becoming forty whether we like it or not, and not only the dancers should listen more to what our bodies are telling us about how we feel. Learn to prioritize important things in life and not try to do everything because it is expected of you. Who is there to thank you in the end after your burn out anyway?

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