Saturday, 28 April 2007

Sun or sunblock?

Nokia, the Finnish company and manufacturer of mobile phones sells 1 million mobile phones every day of the week including Sundays. And so far they have been the biggest supplier of mobile phones worldwide.

Anyway, now with more sunny weather the campaigns to use sunscreen protect our skin and not get burnt in the sun. It is vital not to burn your skin when basking in the sun to avoid getting skin cancer.

New guidelines concerning cosmetics advertising was just published in Finland. All cosmetics have to keep what they promise in the ads and it has to be proven scientifically. So now your skin actually has to look 5 years younger, or your eyelashes have to become 400% longer and thicker as they promise in some ads. Guess this will make it easier for us women to choose between all different lotions and potions in our desperation to become more beautiful than we originally are under the makeup. But who is to measure it?

Guess it now only is what they leave out to mention about their products we have to be cautious about. So we have to decide between the sunblock that causes cancer and the sunburn that does the same thing.

Did you know that Nokia actually is a little town in Finland just next to Tampere, the second biggest town in Finland?

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