Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Thunder and lightning

I was this morning woken up by the very first thunderstorm of the year. Ka-boom!
The sky was all dark, it was raining sleet and hail and there was thunder and lightning, still with the cold weather that has prevailed here lately.

Did you know that the lightning bolts reach not only from the clouds to the ground but way up high into the sky for hundreds of kilometers and that there are different forms of lightning? There are so called “sprites”, “light sprites”, “sprites in a bottle”, “blue jets”, “elves” and ball lightning. The thunderstorms consist of the light and the sound of the thunderbolts as well but they also create radio waves that you can measure and there is more lightning in daytime than during the night and more thunderstorms occur over land than over the sea.

Anyway, according to the latest weather forecast it is going to be warmer in the weekend, they promised almost summer like temperatures, which can mean about 10°C a bad summer when it is raining all the time but in this case meant about 18°C. So it certainly has been an eventful year this last one, weather wise, having been the warmest and longest summer so far and the coldest winter temperatures, even for just a short period of time, since we came here!

Oh, by the way, this friend of my husband that wanted to go fishing on the ice, well he never did but now he is all the time whining about not being able to anymore and that the ice fishing season was too short!

At least his family is happy now as they get fed up eating fish all winter long, and our two cats will be missing all the left over fish they got from him instead.

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