Monday, 16 April 2007

Clogged drainpipe

Some countries express their great concern has been announced how bad customs and border control in the EU-countries and especially Finnish customs perform their duties and act against illegal immigration. This coming from countries with great coastal areas and long borders to attend to them selves you might think they knew what they are talking about, but according to their statistics there are millions of illegal immigrants in these countries.

How many illegal immigrants can there be here in Finland or in the EU for that matter to compare with millions?

Anyway, just recently a victim of human trafficking was granted asylum for the first time here in Finland. And I think that is good, trying to get into a country out of your own free will is one thing, but being forced to and getting exploited in any way by ruthless villains just in order to make money is just not acceptable.

Today we have nice summer like weather and I am going for a walk, to see if I could get some more pictures of the awaking nature, and this time I will be careful not to trip on anything.

That is after the service guy has been able to fix the kitchen drain. He has been here now for two hours and I still can’t see an end of it. When he first arrived he had the wrong packing, and getting a new one form the hardware store he just found out that the drain was not properly cleared by the solvent used on Saturday, so here I am just waiting for the kitchen to be in order again. Hope it will be fixed soon so I can get my stuff in working order again.

Good thing is though that we have a dishwasher, it has proven to be a good place to stack the dishes waiting to be washed in.

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