Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Safe disposal

The newly elected government has now agreed upon their Ministers to the cabinet and the president will officially name them on Thursday.

The prime minister will be the same as before as to my surprise he got elected by the parliament in a voting. I thought that was decided in the public elections and not by the parliament. And imagine, this is the most feminine government ever here in Finland, as there has never been as many female ministers in office before 42%, and there were also created two new offices for ministers!

Anyway, two of the biggest electricity suppliers are planning to build one more power plant each, one to run completely on biological fuel and the other one on nuclear power. The nuclear reactor would be the 6th of its kind here in this country. Well, guess this is a good step towards the end of carbon oxide using oil into non-polluting energy sources as planned to cutback with the carbon oxide emissions.

But how environmentally friendly is this, as there is only a temporary and no final solution of what to do with the waste, just "temporary storage" in the meantime?

Well, the capital area today got its’ millionth inhabitant, a little baby girl was born as first in the hospital, so Now Helsinki can call itself a metropolitan area. Maybe she will live to see what way they come up with to safely and once for all dispose of the nuclear waste one day in the future…

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