Wednesday, 15 August 2007

World record in karaoke

World record in continuously singing karaoke was on Tuesday night done karaoke singer in a bar in Kouvola Finland. They broke the previous record from China of 145 hours late Tuesday night and The Karaoke Club of Kouvola is still going strong keeping on going until Sunday if only possible having clocked 240 hours singing!

I sure hope they sing better than some contenders in song contests but guess here it is a mere question of voicing out words aloud and not the quality or standards of the singing that counts, as it is the length of the performance that is at stake here.

What more can I say, this is definitively the country of odd world records and world championships.

Anyway, most of today has been spent once again choosing the photos that have turned out well and discarding the bad ones from my harddrive, quite convenient to do that when you have the time, just chuck them in your PC and leaving them be until time and not having to develop anything right away before the film gets bad or something. Weather has been nice so it is a bit shame to waste the good weather but you can not stand more sun than you can support and I think I have had my share for the time being.

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