Thursday, 30 August 2007

Whether to or not to?

Nicotine chewing gums and pads to aid quitting smoking were in February last year released in Finland to be sold in supermarkets, petrol stations and shops in addition to having earlier been available in only pharmacies.

The sale on cigarettes has gone down less than expected and it seems that it has had no effect on decreasing smoking as the nicotine products now are used in addition to smoking cigarettes when smoking is either prohibited or not possible out of one some reason. According to recent a Gallup 26 % of persons between the ages of 15-79 are smokers and 7 % of them are using nicotine products in addition to the smoking.

So the question seems to have become “when to smoke or not to smoke” instead of the “if to smoke or not to smoke” as “Big Brother” obviously wanted it to rather have been.

Still I am personally thankful that my dear spouse has sticked to his non-smoking line this long as his health has been better than it used to be when he was smoking. I can not quite understand anyone having been smoking for 30 years, always tasting like an ashtray in your mouth as I have only been “on and off” more kind of party-smoker and not an accustomed smoker for longer periods of time.

Anyway, now it seems that we finally might be moving, and that quite soon within the next week possibly as we are going to see an apartment this afternoon that at least on the sketch might be working for our family. Now we just have to see the place in reality so we can determine whether it meets our needs, whether the location is approved by the offspring or not and if it feels right, if you know what I mean. I am thrilled by having a new place to furnish and decorate but at the same time I just hate the idea of moving. I hate the to having to pack everything into boxes to be transported to the new place in order to be unpacked again, hate everything needing to be washed and cleaned, curtains, rugs… God, I wish I could just throw everything out of the window and just buy new stuff! On second thought, maybe not a good idea after all as I do not like shopping like some of my girlfriends do and maybe the fact that I actually like most of our stuff, but perhaps some things might kind of accidentally break when moving and needing to be replaced with new ones?

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