Thursday, 9 August 2007

One hot meal a day

According to the newspaper Keskisuomalainen malpractice in the public health care by is becoming increasingly costly and they paid out around 27 million euros to patients in compensation for incidences of malpractice last year.

At the same time statistics show that around one percent of Finnish girls under the age of 20 had an abortion last year and in many cases it was not the first time. One in seven girls refuses the counselling that is offered to all women seeking abortions in Finland and this is suspected to be a sign of the general indifference and carelessness that has become ever prevailing and life just goes on and the emotions and feelings are just suppressed and the abortion itself is forgotten about and health care professionals fear the burying of the experience might have serious psychological consequences later on, especially having had several abortions done.

Anyway, home was still here when we got back this afternoon looking just like when we left it yesterday as husband of mine had gone off fishing in the evening leaving me with the gutting and cleaning of them for this afternoon. So here I am once again smelling fish with cuts all over my fingers from the perch I had to clean. Two cats were sitting on the kitchen floor making not so cheery sounds, more like demanding fish right now, “give me fish” meows if you know what I mean. And with this heat on I can not even think about what we are having for dinner tonight as it is once again the offspring’s time to cook today, Spaghetti Bolognese or something similar does not feel like my cup of tea, if you know what I mean.

That is one thing I can not quite understand with the Finns, no matter how hot it is, they want a hot meal in the evening. Like mashed potatoes and meatballs to mention one. I’m more for a nice, cool salad in the heat but I guess that will not be the case as the offspring has gone Finnish in this case, one hot meal per day it is.

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