Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Is coffee good or bad?

Just last winter Finnish research suggested that coffee has beneficial effects on our cholesterol-levels also reducing blood-sugar which would mean less heart-disease and diabetes but now according to this latest Finnish research suggesting the consumption of coffee can lead to hypertension in no concordance with the consumed amount of coffee with one out of 10 commencing an anti-hypertensive drug treatment from the test group.

So, is coffee good for us or is it bad?

Who is to tell if the test group in the latest research would have had to begin the drug treatment anyway even if not drinking any coffee ever? It seems to always be the same, you have to make up your own mind whether to and what, just if and with moderation. Same thing about alcohol, good for you in moderation, especially red wine with it’s’ health effects, but bad for you when over doing it.

One thing lately widely discussed has been whether to treat smokers in the public health care as they have inflicted their deteriorating health by smoking, but years ago no one knew it was bad for you and the same government that now is limiting and prohibiting the smoking in every possible way actually gave away cigarettes for free during the wars to every soldier whether smoking or not smoking! It was back then every man’s right and I know for a fact that in many homes parents smoking indoors with the children present still was every day life in the 70’s here in Finland!

There are nowadays warning texts on every cigarette pack sold in the country and currently is discussed whether to place pictures on the cigarette packs in the future. Like with everything, when it becomes the ordinary every day you don’t even notice it anymore, like the warning texts, and in many ways you rebel against too much of “Big Brother watching you” mentality and now it seems we are to quit drinking coffee as well.

Well good for me as I only drink an average of one cup a day of coffee just for company’s sake and have stickled to my accustomed tea for decades already but guess it will be banned as a health risk too in the near future.

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