Tuesday, 21 August 2007

With a bang

Well the annual bear hunting season sure got off with a bang and it was covered in the media in a bigger way than normal here in Finland as one of the hunters was attacked by the bear he had just shot and ending up in a wrestling competition with the bear. Luckily the hunter he survived without any severe injuries and the bear finally died of its’ wounds. Quite strikingly the place where it all happened is called Kontiolahti, which would be translated into about “Bear Bay” if I have got it right.

The warm weather continues even though the night now are beginning to be chillier and there is more moisture in the air as it is turning towards autumn, now I am just waiting for the leaves to turn into all these beautiful orange, red and yellows to get some beautiful photos again. My favourite season definitively is autumn, not only because of the colours or the freshness and crispiness in the air I love so much but mostly because we all get back into our normal routines again after the summer vacations. The normal daily rut continues as always before and I can change from this cold salad food into making more soup which I just love, and I can not eat hot food ion warm weather, so hot soup requires cold weather, or at least some rain.

Anyway, I am quite proud that a few of my photos have been published on the net in other people’s stories. I guess my writing still has some way to go before I can call myself a writer but I am working at that all the time.

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