Friday, 3 August 2007

Doing my homework

Reading Harry Potter has now for the past few days been my main occupation.

I have been reading the last book in the series after the offspring finished reading it, the deadly Hallows just so that I know what is talked about and got told almost half the story in advance by the previous reader spoiling some of the surprise turns for me. I have had to read all Harry Potters to keep up with what is talked about at home, they are not really my favourite fiction but not the worst I have read either, and as the interest in Harry Potter a couple of years back grew into an obsession and nothing else than Harry Potter was ever talked about I happened to know quite a lot about the subject. The strangest things you do for the love of your children.

Back then there had to be all the movies first ones as videos and now as DVDs, all the books in three languages, and various Harry Potter paraphernalia. Scarves and magic wands were bought, scarves and wands were made as well, playing cards, chocolate frogs you could buy in stores. Then there were the feathers to get for the writing with real quills and ink on parchment paper and even the acquisition of cloaks. I guess the only thing forgotten about was the brooms!

Fortunately nowadays the former obsession has subdued into a more normal interest in reading the books as fiction and entertainment instead of wanting to live in the fictionary Harry Potter World and Hogwarts.

The new books’ release was actually all missed until mummy told about it as dating had become more interesting than keeping up on Harry Potter news on the Net. And had I not watched the news that day I would have been as ignorant about it as the offspring was.

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