Monday, 20 August 2007

License to kill

A 26-year-old nurse was to begin with last week arrested for two suspect deaths two at an institute for mentally disabled in Ylöjärvi, Finland.

The nurse denies any guilt and the investigations have now expanded to seven suspect deaths and two attempted murders. The National Bureau of Investigation has expanded their investigations into a series of suspect poisonings in the area around the city of Tampere. As all the deaths at the nurse's previous workplaces are looked into. They are also investigating if any insulin is gone missing from the premises where she has worked as an eight-month-old child was found with unnatural high levels of pharmaceutical insulin levels.

So far no reasons for exhuming the bodies of the investigated deaths have been found.

Wow, now it seems that there is on serious serial killer and a woman for that matter here in Finland, quite unusual according to the statistics, the serial killer being a woman I mean and quite young for that matter.

Anyway, the hunting season for ducks and bear was opened today and today is expected to be the busiest hunting day and you need a licence to kill. I wonder how many accidents happen on the first day you are allowed to hunt, sitting around excited waiting for the first legal bird to shoot to fly by you. Or the first legal bear to pass by you missing to see that it is your neighbour out picking mushrooms or berries? Even better if is the annoying neighbour you want to get rid of instead of the ducks.

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