Friday, 10 August 2007

Free to preach

The Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, London is world famous but now there is Speaker’s sermon in Tampere Finland.

Anyone could keep a sermon from the church’s pulpit in Tampere Old church on the evening 9th August about any subject that lying near their heart. The event was advertised with ”Say your word! Are you annoyed with what their sermon’s are about? Come and keep your own sermon in person”. The speaker’s sermon was one event among many happenings around town in the Tampere theatre summer festival and all the sermons to be held were pre-announced with some invited celebrities among the preachers. You were allowed four minutes to say you meaning with a jury of experienced preachers giving feedback and according to persons interviewed having attended the mass, the sermons were very much the same as usually done by the vicars, many were about faith and church and some were boring and just about the same old thing that the vicars preaching’s usually are about.

When the vicar himself was interviewed about the event he stated he had had high hopes and anticipated more boldness in the sermons and was a bit disappointed but thought it had been a good, refreshing experience all in all.

Heat has the strangest effect on people’s minds, when down on southern Europe driving always becomes more hectic and the honking of horns for instance is more frequent than normal as there seems to be more morons driving then. Or it is just the temper that gets flaming hot with the weather maybe?!?

Anyway, even here in Finland you can see a considerable change in people’s behaviour and especially men tend to be DTC, “D*** takes control” if you know what I mean. Being blond even enhances their reaction but ordinary brunettes get their fare share of it as well. Like yesterday for instance when most men around either stopped or were in danger on walking into something as ordinary me was hurrying over the street before the lights turned red for pedestrians. I have never before noticed having had such an impact on so many men before as I did yesterday in my little, red skimpy summer top with my skirt flowing up around my legs. I guess I only should take it as a compliment of still being quite good looking, and discussing the matter with dear husband of mine ha agreed with me that it must just have been the hot weather makes means brains softer and sinking to the region of their groin = DTC.

Or is this just a way for him to accept that men in town might have been mistaken about my attractiveness, make it easier for him to handle his jealousy? Or was he just pleased with having an attractive wife?

God I think I need a cold drink; this heat is getting to my brains as well!

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