Saturday, 11 August 2007

Problems washing

Washing your own mats and carpets is one thing people still tend to do and it is usually done by scrubbing your mats by hand with a brush using liquid soap and when warm and sunny weather hits most of the municipal washing places tend to be very crowded and people waiting in line for their turn to wash. The reason for washing when the sun is out is that your washables dry quicker than they would otherwise do. Instead of transporting them wet to your home to dry you can spend some more time gossiping and socializing, meet old friends and perhaps even make new ones.

The washing sites are also places to share all gossip so if you want to be well informed this is the place to keep updated on the local gossip as nobody wants to sit at the hairdresser’s anyway when it is hot.

This is all nice but recently the washing basins have been stolen in many sites around the country as the aluminium the basins are made of is an attractive and costly scrap metal and washing has had to be postponed to later date when new basins have arrived.

School is to begin next week so some school books had to be purchased as usual and are they expensive! And every year the teachers tend to choose new books so you always end up with having to buy new ones every year instead of inheriting them from your siblings. Guess it is good as the teachers then do not get as easily bored with having the same old routine every year but they have to keep up with their teachings constantly updating their knowledge.

The bad thing though is to get the books “out of their baby shoes” getting rid of all the faults and mistakes in the first edition and of course these books we had to buy were of the first not yet tried edition.

So another hot day was spent in town instead of just relaxing which I would have preferred.

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