Thursday, 23 August 2007

One of those days again

The libraries in Finland are suffering from staff shortages and there is a lack of especially educated and experienced librarians as new employees often lack the education needed for their position.

This might once again be an attempt to cut down costs of the municipalities, which is sad as the libraries in Finland are an excellent institution and the Finns continue to be active book lenders as it is free even though you sometimes must wait to get your hands on a hot copy of a bestselling novelty but you get to read it in the end.

Anyway, finding a new apartment to live is not as easy anymore as it used to be “in the old times” with teenagers involved and wanting to have a say in the choice of the new habitation and everyone has to be pleased, or maybe I should just please myself and leave all with a fact, this is it?

There is the location to keep in mind, to be able to see and keep in touch with their friends, and the apartment itself must meet all required standards of the offspring. How the apartment looks and is equipped, the colour of walls, the size of the rooms, is there a sauna, a balcony or a garden and the list just goes on. On top of all this, it seems that this is the wrong season to do it as it now is the end of the summer as many relationships that bloomed during the summer now has born fruit and couples are moving in together. And there are always the new incomers every autumn moving to town to study, from somewhere else needing somewhere to live so I guess we might be lucky to have a new place at Xmas to move to when these new relationships begin to come falling down a shambles. I personally would have preferred to have moved during the warmer period of the year, but then it might have been raining anyway with my luck, and today has been one of those days again.

Some days everything just seems to go wrong. Like when I was at the hairdresser’s earlier today to get a haircut, I walked into the coat rack and got my mp3-players cords entangled in it knocking it over my feet. Later when at the local shop getting some milk for my tea I to my delight spotted bagels, and as they are a special favourite of the offspring I got some, as they normally just have them on Fridays out of some peculiar for me unknown reason and I thought I’ll get some cream cheese to go with them.

Arriving home I to my disappointment discovered that I had apparently forgotten the cream cheese in the shopping basket as I do recollect having picked it off the shelf and it was not specified on the receipt I got. So here I am having a nice cup of tea and there are bagels but no cream cheese, and what is a bagel without cream cheese? Like carrot juice, tastes like carrots but is not crunchy and chewy as I prefer to eat my carrots and dietary fibre is essential I have heard. And they say this is probably going to be the last hot day of the summer for this time, well, this mind of mine is beginning to worry me, as the cooking of my tea did not turn out well. Putting the kettle on but forgetting to switch it on, well that is a major error in tea cooking, the hot water. Bagels I have but no tea. Yet.

I really wonder who will be doing the cooking today as I ma not sure whether I dare to as things just go wrong some days and this is certainly one of those days I should not be near anything hot or sharp as a knife. A salad would of course rule out the using the stove but not the knife, and there are some nice and fresh salad ingredients in the fridge and it would suit the weather, wonder who I can trick into making it as I am continuing to read the book I just have begun reading yesterday and will go on doing it for the rest of the day to prevent myself from any serious corporal damage.

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