Friday, 28 March 2008

Text messages going public

The Helsinki District Court rejected motion made by the blonde exotic dancer against the planned publication of text messages she has received from the Foreign Minister.

The Finnish tabloid magazine “Hymy”, which would be smile in English, is now ready to publish “a sizable sampling” of the text messages sent by the Foreign minister and they stated on their website that it will be in his favour.
We have come a long way from the usual old fashioned letters black on white.

Anyway, first when dear spouse and I heard of a film called Alien vs. Predator, we thought it was some kind of joke as the idea was presented in such an odd manner, as a film to watch in some kind of comedy concept, so we laughed about it, but then the film was run on the TV so I just had to what the film was like. If it was any better, or worse than or maybe as bad as the previous Alien films and Predator films, and it turned out there had been no development in the plot, just the same old routine. Surprising was thought that the first killed person, or android in the first Alien film was in this film too, the same actor I mean, but this time he was human and he got killed by a Predator instead of an Alien.

The pyramid thing seemed to be nicked straight from Stargate and having set the scene in the arctic was just out of the X-Files UFO encounters, such a worn out idea. Lots of slime around, set in darkness to make the film more thrilling, but the outcome was the same old thing twisted around a bit.

The offspring of course found out I was watching the film so I didn’t have to do it alone.

As it happens, Alien was the very first movie I watched without the required age by sneaking in on a slow Sunday night in the movies. It was quite frightening then and as I was home alone when arriving home after the scary movie I checked underneath the bed. I kept checking under the bed for many weeks to come afterwards so I guess I did pay the prize. Since then I have seen all the Alien films during the years, not because they have been good but more out of nostalgia for the scare the first film gave me, but I can still say that I have seen all the Alien films.

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