Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Moisture damages

An average of 50% of the schools in Finland suffers from moisture damages, according to recently published information and one fifth of the 6.000 schools have serious problems with moisture and mould.

The same goes for many municipal and government offices around the country. This is a problem the authorities concerned have been aware of for about two decades but decisions apparently were made at the time to do nothing about it.

Today this is a health hazard with an increasing number of respiratory illnesses and allergies in school children and employees working in government and municipal offices and the country will be facing bills of billions of Euros in both health cots and medical treatments of the ill. The houses built in the early 60’s and 70’s and repairs of the same were done with different knowledge and standards than today.

The problem was already discovered two decades ago and the then in charge decided to postpone the needed alterations and repairs of the buildings and it will now be more expensive to mend the situation than it would have been to do it back then. Now they will have to face the medical cost of the illnesses it causes in addition to the repairing of the buildings.

Anyway, old dear friend of mine peacefully passed away yesterday afternoon…

Life will never be the same, but it goes on.

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