Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Singing in the snow

Finland had it’s final in the out take for their representative to the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday.

The winners by far were the heavy metal band called Teräsbetoni, which in English would be “steel concrete” and they will be representing Finland in the contest in Belgrade, Serbia this May.

This means that Finland will give heavy rock music another shot this year, with the hosting of the contest last year after Lordi’s victory and having the first Finnish Idol winner representing in between with something not quite as heavy. Maybe the song contest is too lame, but hey it is called song contest and traditionally the songs have been quite boring and mellow, at least to my own personal taste. Maybe the future of this competition lies with in rock instead of folk music, ballads and songs.

I have been wondering about how the song contest will work out in reality in Serbia as the neighbouring country Kosovo just recently declared its’ independence as former part of the country and Serbia has not acknowledged it as they consider Kosovo as a part of their country, as one of their counties. Many of the countries partaking in the Eurovision song contest have already acknowledged the independence of Serbia and I wonder how this will affect the general atmosphere on site. But there still is some time for things to either calm down, or flame up fully.

Anyway, the southern part of this beautiful country of Finland is today experiencing yet another day of snow chaos, the record for snow set this winter this morning by 10 cms, the former being just 8 cms. The snow fall has meant a lot of snow shuffling on car parks and brushing off cars early this morning for all using them to get to work. On the 22nd of February it was the warmest day with a record high 8,5 degrees Celsius measured in the month of February over a ten year period. So the winter really doesn’t know which way to go this year as the temperature is falling once again.

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