Monday, 3 March 2008

Celebrating 2nd anniversary!

This is a year of surprising joint holidays like Tuesday in Lent or Shrove Tuesday on the same day as the Finnish Runeberg’s Day or Mother’s day on the same day as Pentecost or Whit Sunday as it also is called. May day is on Ascension Day and even Midsummer’s Day falls on the same day with summer solstice the actual real Midsummer day and not the to a Saturday transferred holiday it nowadays has become.

Somehow I had the impression that the full moons and such were not to join with

Then we have a leap year this year or an inter-calary year as it also sometimes is called, it makes the whole year one day longer than usual and a family acquintance just celebrated his 12th birthday this Friday. Strange imagining you only can celebrate your real birthday every four years. I must’ve been really hard being a kid even harder than having been born on Christmas Eve or Xmas Day.

Anyway, I was yesterday proud to celebrate my second anniversary as a blogger. It has been a thrilling experience and I am not as yet considering to quit as it has become a habit of mine to think about what to blog about today, even though I am not always able to post my thoughts right away out of family reasons, that means someone else is occupying the internet access at times and as it is not yet a matter of life and death for me to get my thoughts posted on the Net, it can wait and that lately my blogging and posting has been quite rare out of both professional and personal reasons, but I hope for this to pick up as things will slow down as from today. Sometimes life just seems to drain all the juices from you and in order to stay sane you have to prioritize.

I also about six months ago moved my blog here to Blogspot in September 2007 and as a downside I seems to have lost some readers lost in the course. Together with the rising number of laptops in our family I have not been able to get access to the net as often as I would have wanted to. Up to this date the PC’s in this family have so far been used only as an aid studying but I suspect that some late studying nights running to early mornings also might consist of some games played on-line, not to forget about all friends needed to stay in touch with by messenger of course and dear husband of mine paying bills. I have declared that I will have to have access when ever I want to, but I guess nobody listens to mum as usual.

Maybe I should take the example of the offspring and use some blackmailing in order to achieve what I want to when ever I want to.

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