Saturday, 15 March 2008

Culture and arts

The knowledge about Finland and Finnish culture will be boosted in France during the coming weeks with cultural change.

Currently the French cultural week in gong on here in Finland with different activities especially in the capital area and in the Helsinki.

Finland is sending some 200 performing and creating artist to exhibit and perform in around France in order to make Finland better known and to introduce some Finnish culture as it is quite unknown at present in France. The Nordic countries seem to be more known in a bunch rather than as unique countries. Thrilling would be to hear what the French really think of Finnish culture as for example the choir Huutajat, the shouters, are normally experienced a bit frightening.

In the mean time the Finnish National Opera of Helsinki has been ruled to pay fines of 10.000 Euros for without authorization having renewed the choreography of the French ballet Giselle. The original choreography is still unknown as it has been lost during the years and there is no one alive to tell anyway.

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