Sunday, 9 March 2008

Art or not

An art gallery in Helsinki was a couple of weeks ago raided by the police after a visitor had alerted them.

The police were informed about artwork containing child pornography and some exhibited works were confiscated from the exhibition in the preliminary investigation. The artist in question is now being suspected of having child-pornography in her possession as well as having displayed it in the exhibition, which here in Finland is a serious offence and the prosecutor will now decide whether to press charges against her or not.

Now whether her works are art or not might be the question that comes in mind first and displaying the artwork might be an offence, but if this matter of child-pornography is not spoken out about loud, there will be no public opinion on the issue. And it needs to be talked about!

When mentioning child-pornography everybody seems to be against it, and judging from that there should not be any such offenders. But this is not the reality, these offenders are often the one’s you would the least suspect such as the man next-door, the teacher, some relative or the uncle you hold dear.

Yes it is prohibited by law here in Finland, to perform sex with children under the age, the possession of pictures whether still or moving also is but you can still obtain it from the internet with no difficulty what so ever. And I am for the freedom of speech but in this case I might stretch into strongly being against it.

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