Monday, 10 March 2008

Blonde erotic model

The Finnish ministers of cabinet seem to have been quite busy, at least the male ones.

Some male parliamentary representatives were accused of sexual harassment in the parliament not too long ago and
the prime minister just had his previous love affair aired in court after his ex-girlfriend has published a book about their love-affair and now the Foreign minister has hit the tabloids with a blonde.

The foreign minister in said to have sent 200 text messages from his office mobile phone, to a young, blonde busty erotic model, or in some media mentioned as a nude model. This is not the first time the foreign minister has hit the headlines with his text messaging, the previous time was two years ago. The ministers’ wife denies the truth of these accusations and says it just makes her laugh as the media still keeps going on and on about this thing.

The foreign minister on Friday told the Swedish speaking national radio that he is falsely accused and denies having sent the messages. Still the young model claims in the afternoon papers that she has proof of having received them.

It now seems obvious that the pie throwing of politicians, with real or made-up sex scandals, that has for far been non-existent here in Finland, has finally arrived here, and is here to stay.

Strange that no one I have talked to ever has confessed of reading the tabloid press, nor to be interested in gossip. This seems to be another fa├žade you have to put up with living here. At least I can confess that if a really juicy thing hits my eyes I read about it, but I do not but very seldom buy any magazines if ever.

Not that I am any better than any one else, but usually I have no idea of the person in question, who they are talking about, ignorant foreigner as I am.

So it remains to see whether this is another case of ministers in heat totally lacking fair judgment or just an attempt to smouldering his name and getting some “bad press is as good as any press” publicity for this blonde erotic model.

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