Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Vice of snow

Today southern Finland is once again in a vice of snow as it is currently in the grips of a blizzard.

Hard winds blowing of changing directions, mostly from northerly directions though and lots of snow twirling around in the air looking for some place to settle, quite like the blizzard we experienced on 1st of November 2006 when the offspring did not manage to get to school as the city buses did not run and stayed home all day, as school was cancelled to their delight and my personal nuisance.

Fortunately for me, this time the buses run and I am left home alone to wonder at the raging of the nature. Everything you see looking out of the window is white and most of it snow. Snow in the air, twisting and twirling around, snow on the ground and on trees weighing heavy on the branches the time it hangs there before twirling away again in the hard wind. Snow blowing all over, most of the time from right to left.

Another thing I have caught glimpses of has been the neighbourhoods’ old ladies going shopping, or their attempts of doing so. I have wondered do people not look out of their windows in order to check out the weather as to how to dress when exiting in order to know how to dress? Just like checking the thermometer for the temperature before hand.

Anyway, it has but been just a single incident but several of the old ladies, and the one odd old crone who is pestering the neighbourhood with her righteousness acting self appionted neighbourhood police, always ringing the police and parking guards to come and fine any parking offenders, that have come out of the front door of their building, that is the one next-door from ours and backed back indoors again, frightened by the drifts of snow that has gathered round. Quite wisely I would say though and no wonder in that. I had planned an outing myself into town, running some errands that need to be done but fortunately as there are not compulsory ones to attend to at this point, I have postponed my trip to a later date, maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, depends on the snow and when the streets get cleared of the snow. By the way, some areas of the town take their time to become cleared, some never seem to be attended to and it seems no use complaining about it. Smaller off the beaten track streets are not as important as bigger, more trafficked ones to get snowfree, quite natural when you think of it, but such a nuisance to all pedestrians and old ladies with their shopping trolleys trailing behind them.

So I am finally getting back to my point here, it is not only old ladies that have trouble with snow, for you who have been reading my Blog before, you know I am quite accident prone and have made quite a few bad falls in my time, and the reason I am snuggling up in my bed with a nice, hot cup of tea is, I don’t want to take another fall, which I probably otherwise would have done today, knowing my previous history and given the chance, that is going out into the blizzard, as it is not that long ago I did my last, just after a heavy snowfall during the night that concealed the shining, sleek slippery ice beneath.

Later on, in the news tonight, there will be the usual reports of power cuts, unfortunate traffic accidents and cancelled ferry traffic over to Estonia.

So I am just a lady in waiting for calmer weather, as weather is the queen at present.

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