Tuesday, 11 March 2008


The Finnish National Consumer Agency has won the first ever EU's consumer campaign award. The award was won for the online game called “Galactor and the Codebreakers” among EU member countries' best consumer campaigns. The game has been developed in order to increase young consumer’s awareness of their rights and obligations concerning online shopping. The game has already sp far been distributed to Sweden, Denmark and Iceland and an Estonian version is also currently under development as well as France has expressed their interest in the game in question.

By the way, now the foreign minister apparently has confessed to having sent text messages to both the blonde busty model and her sister as well saying that it now it is up for the general public to decide upon his credibility. Well why having denied it in the first place to later confess, “doing Clinton”.

So here’s my question of the day;

What is the use of old school photos?

You have never seen your classmates since you quit school and most of them you do not even remember their names neither do you care to but still you keep them as memorabilia and look at them with occasional longing to your youth. Many of them have moved places and changed their names, at least all your girlfriends have, and some male as well. There seems to have gone fashionable in marrying women with more uncommon names and starting using them so even tracing them nowadays is almost an impossible task even with the aid of the Internet.

Strange seeing your offspring go through all the same faces in their lives, and teenage love is no joke! It has to be taken seriously, and it is serious business. No jokes about it, at least so that it shows. How serious wasn’t I back then some decades ago, with first infatuated in this and then that boy.

Fortunately I have the advantage of having lived in a couple of countries during my life I do not bump into old acquaintances or old loves. No hard questions asked and nothing to explain to the offspring. Not that there is anything that could not be spoken of, but I’d rather do it back at home instead of having to air it in the streets like a girl friend of mine the other day. And as this was an old not mentioned about ex-love, well you can imagine the interest it caused in both her child and husband.

Anyway, old photos are utterly useless, just taking space and gathering dust which I happen to be allergic to. There is one single advantage though with them, I can show that I looked the same as they do now, that we were dressed the same as they are today back then, years ago. It shows that the fashion is just like the one back then. One seems to forget how ridiculous the fashions are, cuts, colours, accessories, make-ups and hair do’s. Lucky children with parents that have saved everything from their adulthood and not as me having moved so many times and had them thrown out in the course of time. Still I do remember some “special” garments I used to have with a longing, but would not fit into anymore if I could try them on. I guess this is another sign of the course of time, getting bigger.

And respectable family mothers are not meant to be following the latest trends by the letter so I will stick to my old fashioned classic style. Old, used and boring I am told by the offspring added together with some sweet suggestions of some refreshing ideas for my wardrobe. Sad there is no weddings in sight, just one funeral I am not able to attend to.

Still, maybe I should break my own dress-code and get some new stuff.

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