Tuesday, 1 April 2008

No April fool

Two issues seem to currently be the main news, the merger of the two online systems that still is not up and running smoothly as has been several times promised by the bank.

There still seems to be a major glitch somewhere in the dungeon labyrinths of the digital money world.
And the foreign minister still is hitting the headlines with his text messaging to the blonde model, or erotic dancer.

According to a non official Gallup done among the neighbourhoods old ladies most of them think the whole affair is a disgrace and would like to see him resign as his credibility as trustworthy politician has been lost. Well, I would like to know one politician that if not dishonest but at least does not make the truth up seeming mush better than it in reality and daylight is, or does not use any white lies at all. Politics it seems is like playing poker, do not show what you think of it, and keep your face plain. Say nothing and deny everything you might have said.

Well, at least some of us know, we're not all April fools you know.

Anyway, I must confess that I have not been as good as I should have with the exercise I should have been attending to advised by our dear family doctor, whom I know drops in occasionally to read up on my Blog. I have been quite good at making up various excuses for not pursuing my daily walks. Good reason have lately been the slippery surface I would have to be wary of walking upon, another has been the clod weather and winds blowing which is not good for my complexion. Not a s good excuse mostly are I have forgotten cone again the whole thing, I do not want to enter on long walks on my own, or I prefer to do them daytime when I do not have to have anyone tagging along, (read dear spouse of mine who likes to keep me company, nothing wrong with that, just sometimes love can be too much and you need to get some air, on your own as he is a caring, and loving husband)

Quite the opposite to what you would suspect I am very lazy, I prefer not to make more than I have to and I was quite energetic and outgoing in my younger days and probably did more than my fair share of exercise, but with age the metabolism gets sluggish, we put on some extra pounds, sometimes several stones and I had lost most of that, but…

Lately it has been creeping back on, slowly and almost without me noticing it at all, until our dear doctor told me I could use with loosing 10 kgs. Well, fortunately for me it was not the same 30kgs I had once already lost four years ago, but new additional weight I am carrying around that really has no use, unless there soon will be a great famine with lack of food for us here up in the Nordic countries, which I doubt will happen in the very near future. With the global warming heating up even more and climates changing you never know, so maybe I should stick to my extra weight, just in case if the worst would occur?

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