Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Change of ministers

The Finnish text messaging Foreign minister will be replaced with a new candidate.

The new Foreign minister from this Friday on will be a former euro-parlamentarian so he should have got the routine and has so far not been involved in any scandals to my knowledge.

The old Foreign minister now to step down did not do it on his own behalf but had to be sacked by his fellow party members as well as from the cabinet of ministers, but he is to pursue his work as a member of the parliament.

It seems apparent that the post as Foreign Minister does not seem to be that sought after here in Finland and it required two weeks to find a replacement and behind the fa├žade things were carried out in secret of public knowledge.

I wonder now what the neighbourhood’s ladies think of this. They always have made up their minds about anything that happens, and as it seems plausible they might now disapprove of the change of ministers as much as they yesterday wanted him to resign.

The all of a sudden warm spring weather always seems to surprise me. Still subzero temperatures in the mornings for you to have to dress heavily in order to not freeze intermittent with heavy casts of warm sunshine, too warm in anyway to wear the same clothes you left home in the same morning. This is the time when basking in the sun begins, that people get their wake up calls. Strange considering that the same people you were looking at in the gloomy winter light all of a sudden now tend to look much happier and more pleased with life in general.

The sap is rising, is the Finnish expression that comes in mind, if you know what I mean. This expression might have been right considering the former to be Finnish Foreign minister but at the time of the text messaging it was not yet spring, so he might have been an early riser.

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