Friday, 25 April 2008

Knocked off my feet

I really had no idea of how hard the death of my dear friend would affect me until it one day did hit me and almost knocked me off my feet.

Just keeping going with my ordinary daily routines for normality’s sake was maybe the thing I needed to do right then, but now I seem to be surfacing from my deep grief and become normal again. Somehow it seems that a really bad flu did the trick and gave me the time and needed slowing down to realize what had happened and gave the necessary time to get through my feelings.

Anyway, while my Blog has been inactive, I still have had ideas of what I have wanted to write about, so even if I might not have put them down in letters in rows forming readable words, I have been thinking. So now I hope I will be able to maintain my normal blogging routine unless this spring hits me with massive doses of pollen and knock me down a second time.

Offspring has been quite worried and even went down to the market to get me some smoked herring to cheer me up, but unfortunately my throat was too sore at the time being I did not enjoy them as much as I ordinarily would have. But they say it is the thought that counts, and the thought was beautiful.

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