Thursday, 1 May 2008

Truth serum?

Since the last time I blogged the whole family has been down with this years’ unusually virulent and persistent flu, for myself it has now been dragging on into the third week now but there might be a part of my pollen allergies intertwined with it.

Soup has for some time now been scooped and digested in abundance together with tens of pots each day of well brewed chamomilla tea. The herbal tea served steaming hot with luscious spoonfuls of golden honey poured into it. Drunk several times a day it really helps to beat the flu except in my case as I seem to be allergic to either the chamomilla tea or the honey, in large amounts and digesting it several times a day. Today for the first time I got a bunch of wood anemones, my favourite flowers. Normally I get them for Mother’s day which is a couple of weeks away but with this heat wave they might already have bloomed over and wilted by then. That is if the for this time of the year unusually hot spring weather continues. Most of the birches have got tiny small leaves by now and the grass is green.

So it has been quite boring as well as uncomfortable to have been ill for this long. My trip to the local pharmacist the other day to stock up with some painkillers was an ordeal with fever but since I was the only one well enough to go there I had to be clench my teeth together in order to safely get there and back.

Dear spouse of mine called the doctor’s the other morning and leaving a message on the answering machine he did not even remember his own phone number and had to ring back three times before he listened to me and wrote it down on a piece of paper to get it right. That’s what fever does to you, a head full of slime and with a runny nose and sneezing all the time, it makes you look and sound like just the idiot you feel.

I had planned to go to some special spots to get some early spring photos but with this lot home constantly needing some more soup, I may not get the chance to do it this year, even if I would recover quickly and be sane again. And I will never, ever try to cure any cold or flu with a hot bath with a snifter of brandy. That really knocks you off your feet if not your brain. Zonked and down with fa high ever, not a good combination. The outcome is lethal if you have anything you want to stay as secrets as you are not fully at the height of your intelligence. Out of drunkards and children’s mouths comes the truth they say here.

Maybe this method of mine with fever, not bath and brandy could be used as an alternative to all the drugs like scopolamine and others, used to get the truth out of spies. Maybe it also could also successfully be used on tipsy spouses or offspring entering home in the early morning hours. Just one catch, how to give them the fever.

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