Thursday, 29 May 2008

Watch your step

Shoes are to be registered here in Finland.

For almost two decades The National Bureau of Investigation has been planning to set up a national shoe-print registry here in Finland and by end of this year it is proposed to become reality. The police believe that the shoe-print archives could assist the authorities in solving crimes together with the already existing fingerprint and DNA databases.

Maybe watching a little CSI has helped along the way, making this fast move.

So from now on, watch where you step when off on shady business, or keep a pair of spare shoes with you at all times and be sure to rid of your old shoes in the nearest bin as soon as possible.

Come to think of it, maybe this is what we women tend to do here during the winter. We walk around outdoors in heavy winter boots, carrying our nicer indoors shoes with us in our bags, changing them when entering indoors. That means we are leaving fewer footprints, or maybe more divided footprints? Well at least mixed messages if to be interpreted with the aid of this shoe print archive.

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