Saturday, 5 January 2008

Soap bubbles

Probably we all are aware of what soap is, that you use it for washing but hoe many of us do know what soap is made of and how it is made?

Fortunately I do have a curious friend who likes to try everything out and is actually following a family tradition in making their own soap, her great grandmother used to make their own during the wars so I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to see oils and fat combined with lye turn into soap under my eyes. Did you know that soap actually is the salt of the fats and oils?

Depending on the properties of the fats and oils combined in the soap it turns out differently. One oil for big luscious bubbles of the lather, another for it to turn into a hard bar, a third for it to lather even in salt water a fourth one to made the soap more emollient to the skin and so on. The soap can be tailor made to each person’s skin condition with the oils and fats used and also with additives, some to cleanse the skin, others to pamper the skin, revitalize mature skin and so on not forgetting the scenting of your soap bars.

But the soap is not ready when you have mixed the soap mixture with your additives you have to pour it into moulds to cure for at least 3 weeks before all the lye has been neutralized and it is ready for safe use on the skin.

Anyway, I think making your own soap is a good idea, now you can be sure what has been used in it no strange unknown ingredients and even if it is hard work getting husbands, children and pets out of the way as a safety precaution, getting all things needed lined up and ready to go, the tedious cleaning up afterwards, you still can brag about having made your own luxurious soap. And what can me more environmentally friendly than making as much as you need without any excessive waste of anything? You really get what you see here.

So now I have to wait for three weeks to find out how the soap she made turned out, at least the scent was absolutely fantastic even at this early stage.

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