Monday, 7 January 2008

Guidelines for restaurant food

As the Finns of today's modern society on average dine out in restaurants more than once a week suggestions on nutritional content on restaurant food are now considered in Finland.

Master of Health Sciences Enni Mertanen has done a research in a dozen à la Carte restaurants and found out that steak meals meet nutritional guidelines the best and that that are considered to be light suppers were surprisingly heavy alternatives even though the courses left much to be desired concerning their nutritional values. Well why not fixed prices on courses, menus and why not make it a law when you’re at it?!?

Cheaper prices in restaurants with good nutritional meals and more expensive in junk food chains not to mention any names. Then do the same thing with food prices in supermarkets, the better and healthier for you the less expensive, the more unhealthy the food the more expensive.

Hello big brother!

When will we get the food police to check up in each home to see if we eat according to nutritional guidelines? Quit smoking and drinking alcohol, exercise more, or quit coffee for that matter?

Maybe we should have cameras installed in our homes so big brother can check up on us when he wants to see if we exercise as much as we need and be good boys and girls ought to so Santa will bring us some presents next Xmas.

Is Big Brother maybe Santa Claus?

By the way, dear spouse’s quitting coffee drinking has been much easier than we first feared. He has been out on extensive long walks, kept quietly to himself and not been bad at all. It is only I who has badly missed my daily one cup of coffee we always have at the time when he gets home in the weeks. It is always dear husband of mine who turns the percolator on and makes the coffee, as mine of horrible most of the time so there is a good reason for it, or then it is flooding all over the kitchen tops pouring down the sides to the floor.

I only know how to cook, not how to make coffee.

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