Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Money on the loose

With the EU things are supposed to be better and easier with things between the member countries.

Mobile phone roaming prices are to be cut in February and money transfers to be quicker according to EU directives. The transfers between foreign banks are meant to take as long as national bank transfers which currently is three banking days, at least here in Finland. I have now been waiting for the money that was to be transferred to my account from abroad for almost a week and still no money in sight at this hour, just half an hour past midnight.

The account the money was transferred from has been debited the right amount money, the bank abroad have transferred the money in question but the receiving bank still claims they have not received the right amount in question, thus I have not been credited the money that rightfully is mine and I have been expecting.

Minor glitch maybe, but sometimes it can be ever so annoying to not have the money you are supposed to in the promised time causing my bank card to be debited more than I have on my account. Maybe this now has something to do with the stock markets currently having had some downslides in their indexes around the world? The banks trying to take more advantage of the interest they can get by stalling the money transfers just for one or two extra days?

At least there is an existing receipt of the money so in time they will arrive, but until then no more shopping for me.

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