Friday, 4 January 2008

No more coffee!

Sulphite is a commonly known migraine trigger together with cheeses, nuts and onion.

I know dear spouse of mine gets his from sulphites, the reason he has never been very keen on red wine as they more commonly contain sulphites. Last time he had migraine was during Xmas as he had eaten chocolates containing apricots.

Apricots you might ask, how come you get a migraine from them? Well, they are commonly treated with sulphites to preserve their lovely orange colour. This was actually referred to on the chocolate box, but as I did not read it through, as I normally do with most of the edible stuff entering this house it was left unnoticed and the search for the migraines trigger began.

Funny those, as there are several persons suffering from migraine headaches in our family, we all have different things that set it off. Mine is a bit more irregular, I can never tell what set it off and the warning signs have disappeared with age so I can never take any medication in advance, which is a shame but I have to cope with. Last time it was triggered by my chiropractor, the headache I had when entering his surgery shifted places and turned out as s full blooming migraine. So what to do, take a pill go back home by bus and leave the car standing in order to collect some parking tickets, take a pill and drive under the influence back home, or drive home straight away not taking any medication before entering home, which still would be like driving under the influence this time not some medical substance risking an accident? I mean you might just be alright and nothing happens, but what is something happens?!?

Anyway, dear spouse of mine has finally been to the doctor, an appointment we, the rest of the family, have been on him about for more than a year now, but men, they take more than they should, if sane, sometimes resulting a bit too drastic measures, like this time. He just happily phoned me telling me our family doctor was a bit busy at this time, but that he has to quit rye bread, all raw vegetables and coffee to find out what 's wrong.

Well I can understand why in order to be able to determine what in his diet it is that has been causing the trouble; the rest of us gasping in despair for some fresh air, if you know what I mean, but quitting his coffee! Well, this is the day the really sh** hits the fan. It might not be migraines he will be having, and here we are just facing the weekend when he will be home and not shouting at work at somebody else but us suffering from bad headaches.

I must now seriously consider in which order I have to visit all my friends, right this weekend as of this moment before the gets back home. And of course we will be celebrating some, drinking wine and I will have to stay overnight. And this I expect to be worse, and last for longer, than when he quit smoking a year ago.

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