Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Helsinki expanding

The metropolitan area in the Finnish capital region is a centre of expansion and some cities in the area grow faster than others by claiming land from others.

The endlessly ongoing debate about whether the municipality of Helsinki is allowed to extend itself by annexing the south western parts of the neighbouring municipality of Sipoo will still go on despite a court ruling made Today by the highest administrative court. The court decided that Helsinki’s claim to extend towards Sipoo by annexing the disputed parts by beginning of the year 2009, same property of land the city of Helsinki apparently so far has been renting from Sipoo, is lawful and right.

As the court ruled against the result in the municipal elections held last year where 94% of the inhabitants in Sipoo were against the annexation, the ruling in the case will be appealed to the European court as this is said to be against the principals of democracy, intruding against the municipal rights to rule. The disputed property is 30 square kms, and Helsinki will right away begin their planning of the disputed land beginning with public transports and they will also begin negotiations for the sales price of the property as soon as possible with Sipoo municipality.

Anyway, the weather has not been the best lately; too warm for it to be winter so it seems we are having an extended version of autumn this winter with some days of snow in between. This is normally the coldest time of the year here in Finland. With the sky being overcast, it being all wet with the snow melting away you do not see much light either so no wonder hard to get anything done and one feels a bit depressed.

Not even the thought of it soon turning into spring makes it any better at this time…

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