Sunday, 6 January 2008

Lighting a fire

The Mormon Church in Tampere was set ablaze and burned to the ground this weekend and it seems to have been arson but it is not the single on, there seems to have been more of them lately. The Pentecostal Fellowship church in Viitasaari burned in May 2006 and was tried to light again four months later in September. The church in Lappenranta was tried to lit up in spring 2006 and the of Porvoo 15th century church was burnt to the ground with two more contemporary Lutheran churches and the Jehovah’s witnesses church in Vantaa in the same year.

I always wonder what it means, just a spur of the moment thing, lighting a match seeing if it catches or something against the religion, or something personal against that particular church or congregation.

Anyway, the variation in TV programmes by the end of the year can sometimes be very tedious, list of music from the previous year, various flashbacks looking back at the year gone, “How the Eurovision were made 2007” and so on, might be nice for the ones interested but some programs that have become traditions are just the utter waste of time, like the Victoria’s secret annual fashion show.

It is said to be the greatest honour to be chosen as an under wear model of Victoria’s, only the best of supermodels get there, and men are said to be the greatest fans of Victoria’s, more than women the under wear is designed for to use daily. I must confess I am a sucker for lingerie, the less of it, the better. The more luxurious silk and see-through laces the better. I enjoy feeling sexy underneath as it is my own secret that no one knows about.

I do not advertise about it as I do not dress for the joy of my husband but for my own pleasure, but I must admit it is an advantage if he enjoys my lingerie as much as I do, lighting my fire, if you know what I mean.

So getting to the point here soon, I wonder how many men really are interested in seeing this Victoria’s secret fashion show that is aid to be one of the annual highlights of the fashion world, at least according to the media. My problem here is that I do not know one single man that is addicted to seeing it, neither is anyone thrilled about the catalogue being released. Does this mean that the men I know are mature enough to not fall for as frivolous things or do they just not dare to confess it publicly? Or is it just a thing, like the Chippendales for women, a lot of talk but not much action really? Which by the way I still have missed the opportunity to see so far even though they were in Finland not so long ago.

Or maybe Victoria’s secret means, being secretly addicted to it without ever admitting it to yourself?

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