Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Bearings right

Finally, we have got some snow here in southern Finland as well, and the falling snow of course once again surprised all drivers as is the custom.

Strange thinking that Finland usually has cold winters with snow during the winter and every year it takes the motorists by surprise, and 70 fender benders were reported by the police yesterday. The snow has continued falling on and off but according to the last weather report I was listening to the temperature is expected to rise again by the end of the week. This might mean we just had a quick visit by the winter snow.

Things are always relative, when they say it will be colder and one expects for it to become real cold, subzero temperatures but they are just talking about a few degrees. It all depends on who you are, what you are used to and where you are. When it is to cool down a bit the temperature drop can be anything between an average 15 and a couple of degrees at least according to the weather report.

Another thing I now know where it is is mid-Finland.

it was not until quite recently that I found out where it really is and it was puzzling and sometimes even annoying when the meteorologist on TV referred to what I considered as mid-Finland around the height of Vaasa-Kuopio-Lieksa being referred to as northern Finland. Now bearing in mind that Lapland begins just around Oulu, and that is also divided into southern and northern parts it suddenly came clear to me.

Finland is divided into two halves, Finland and Lapland and both have southern and northern parts of course!

It is like comparing it to the United Kingdom, if you are talking about England then you are not actually referring to neither Scotland, Wales nor Northern Ireland, just the one small portion of Britain. Like when people are talking about going to England when they visit Scotland or Wales as well.

So at least I now have got my bearing right!

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  1. wow, i had no idea it was this easy. Rad! Also, love the wheels. white metal bearings