Thursday, 17 January 2008

End of arctic night

Today the sun was above the horizon for the first time since November in Utsjoki, the northern most city in Finland.

The sun was up for almost an hour breaking the arctic winter night that had been going on there for over two months time. The length of the day in southern Finland is just a little bit short of 7 hours getting longer all the time as the spring is returning but with this murky weather it does not seem like spring is closing in on us. The wet weather just seeps all the light into itself making the countryside look blurred and grey, not the time for any walks with the camera either as some wet snow also has been falling from the sky.

Hot cocoa could have done the trick, making me not feel as blue as I do, but sometimes you just get too blue to remember even the most basic things, hot cocoa. Chocolate is good for you when you are feeling low.

A sauna is not a bad thing either so I guess I will be heating it up a bit later in order to get this cold out of my system.

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