Monday, 28 January 2008

Cat naps

That people living in the northern hemisphere, way up north as here in the Nordic countries are deficient of vitamin D, but not until just recently it was in research discovered how badly deficient we are. Sunlight being the main source of this vitamin D, or to be more accurate being in the sunlight makes our skin synthesize more vitamin D, and with a one week vacation to the sun cures the deficiency temporarily for about three months time.

Vitamin D is also in the food we eat, and most of us probably know that we get if from fish, especially fat fish like salmon eel, mackerel and sardines as well as vitamin fortified dairy products but to my surprise I found out that a good source are these tube formed chanterelles and the picking of them this fall have been blogging about earlier

They have now discovered that the official intake recommendations of vitamin D have been way too low, as the functions of the vitamin D is more complex than was believed earlier and it actually more works more like a steroid hormone. The research indicated that vitamin D deficiency has a role in causing many varieties of cancer as well as heart disease, stroke, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and muscle weakness. It is also clear that the presence of vitamin A in food supplements might inhibit our ability to digest the additional vitamin D, so now I have one more reason to stay out in the sun when it is shining, and to take more keep in mind what we eat to and if taking any food supplements read the label more carefully in order to get enough vitamin D.

Today the sky is overcast so there is no use going out for that reason, and besides I have caught a bad cold I have to cure first. I’ll be hard on the best cure at hand, staying in bed all bad with lots of steaming hot chamomile tea with a couple of tablespoons with honey in it.

And nothing had happened during the weekend we were away, so the offspring must’ve behaved well, both cats were safe and sane. Well, it still is a question mark concerning to little gremlin-kitten, but she has occasionally shown some tendencies to behave like a little cat and we do not receive as many bite marks any longer as she can take a nap on my chest for a while. And this is a very good heater for sore bronchial tubes when coming down with a cold.

Finally something she has a natural born talent for, taking a nap on a sore, feverish chest.


  1. great blog

    daniel - lisbon

  2. Well thank you for your kind comment, sir.