Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Just passed by

An asteroid today passed by the planet earth at close range.

There was never any danger of an impact of the 250 meters wide asteroid called TU 24 and it was closest to planet earth at a distance of 534.000 kms at 10.34 AM Finnish time, way past and outside the moons’ orbit. So we were never in any danger of facing Armageddon this time. What is close in astronomy seems far away for the non initiate layman.

Armageddon today and next the one is not expected until in the year of 2027.

But then you can never be sure, things happen and it is hard to predict anything really and almost hand in hand with astronomy is astrology that is read from the planets surrounding us in space. They even say you can predict things by it.

In Finland, as in many other countries, you are often asked about what star sign you are born in, with the questioner then seeming a bit wiser, nodding the head and saying “Oh, you’re an Aries”. We all tend to know what sign we were born in, and at least I do, we do read our horoscope in the newspapers, and make a joke about the accuracy of them.

There more inaugurated persons have their personal birth- and year horoscopes made by a professional but seem no wiser for it. At least it did not tell me anything I was not already aware of having mine done but no one ever confesses being addicted to reading their horoscope every day, and surely there must be horoscope addicts as well as any other addicts in addition to my long ago deceased great grandmother who could not even leave the house before checking her stars.

Anyway, me being her true descendant I was surprised as nothing of special importance was predicted to take place today on any of the horoscope sites I checked this morning. Why is no attention paid to asteroids in this so accurate calculative way to divine the future that, as in this case, pass by us at a close range, and accordingly should be able to affect us more from closer?

I wonder if any cults had plans for the day about being p0icked up by aliens in a space ship that we will not divine until later on like when the comet Hale-Bopp passed by more than a decade ago.

Honestly, I was hoping that my 365th posting would have made more sense than this on now does, but I guess it must be the fever talking in me. Imagine, now you can read a new posting every day of the year with more to come all the time!

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