Tuesday, 2 October 2007

What’s the use of viruses?

On Sunday was the International Heart Day; and heart disease is one of the top causes of death here in Finland.
On Monday was the International Liver Day which for the first time was celebrated here in
Finland this year.
Liver cirrhosis happens to be the most common cause of death for men and the second most common for women causing the death of 1000 Finns every year and this number has doubled since the year 2000.

Maybe today on Tuesday it should have Brain Day following by all the major organs in the body, we could have celebrated anatomy of the human body for weeks! I really wonder what these different International days of this do a difference. I guess they are supposed to raise our consciousness on issues but I really doubt about the efficiency of it.

Anyway, every time your PC begins to do some monkey business the first thought you get is that there is some kind of virus or some spyware that has got into your system. And all his we have all the spammers of the world to thank for.

So it always begins with checking your system for viruses and spyware and so also this time but nothing has still been found, and the problem is not caused by lack of memory which is the second thing that comes into mind.

I have for a long time been wondering about the use of making viruses, the kind of ladybug that used to walk across your screen was cute enough and I would actually enjoy having that one but I doubt it is compatible with modern day systems. As a private suspicious citizen weary about the good and bad about globalization, it brings to mind that I might myself not be opposed to attacking a ruthless multinational company with viruses, or hacking into their databases in order to get to get back on them for the evil they do, or have done. A vendetta against a company for the wrong they have done distributing dangerous medicines around the world, or making money on people’s misery, polluting the environment or what ever.

I can also accept if you want to get back on some person that has behaved badly towards you personally, that I get, but I still can not understand is the joy and fulfillment it brings a hacker, or virus programmer to infect the PCs of ordinary people. Personal revenge I can understand, but this impersonal type of just doing bad" to just anyone" just for kicks beats me.

So the search still is on, what is the matter with this PC of mine and it seems such a strange coincidence that it all began when I moved my Blog here…

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