Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Trying hard

Already more than a century ago people used to place personal ads in the newspapers to find company, to find a suitable spouse from another part of the country, and so it also used to be the way here in Finland.

In the modern society of today this has moved on from the printed newspapers and transformed to personal ads the net or as here in Finland many ads are seen on the TV most of them night time. I always wonder how many of these people, how many of the ads are seriously looking for someone to love and not only to cheat the ones they already have at home.

Looking at the pictures can say a lot about the persons but on most of the pixs you can hardly detect the looks of the persons as they are taken either out of focus or too far away with the person turning out small in the middle of the photo.

Sadly enough many ads have pixs with unrecognizable features, maybe to avoid being recognized be their respective spouses, but what sticks to my mind is the frequency of looking for under aged company. They were not many at the agency I was looking around at, but there they still were, both gay and “so called” straight ads.

I am not sure of when you are of age to have sex here in Finland, if it is when turning 18 as you come to an legal age, or if it is earlier as in many other countries, but an older person looking for young company must be paedophilia, is it not?!? So is this really legal?!?

Anyway, I am really impressed with one of the major food chains, Valintatalo, which would be translated into about “House of choices” in English. They are not the big supermarkets but are a bit bigger than the usual corner shop and they really try hard. They have special offers with frozen scallops and mussels, fresh artichokes and spinach when in season and they also have my favourite, duck frozen which is not what I would expect from the ordinary corner shop not to mention even a bigger supermarket.

But the best thing is that some of the Valintatalos are even open on Sundays as they are small enough to be allowed opening hours on Sundays which comes in handy as I sometimes tend to forget about having to shop for the Sunday dinner as well, as the shops used to be open for the summer Sundays and they will be open again for Xmas season.

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