Tuesday, 9 October 2007


Negotiations between the unions and their employers have been going on lately about a pay rise and as some have struck agreements on their wages the Union of Health and Social Care Professionals who have not, are now threatening to go on alternating strike or even to mass-resignations from their jobs in protest. If I have got it right, altering strike would be to work and to be on strike on alternate days and mass-resignation would be to resign many at the same time. Wonder about the chances to be rehired after such a measure. This would be a great opportunity to get rid of unwanted and difficult personnel for the employers. Also the Union of Salaried Employees issued a warning strike effective in end of October which would affect several technology companies if no agreement is made.

Another thing that has been on the news is the difference in prices for haircuts for men and women and some hairdressers are now threatened to be fined by the Ombudsman for Equality here in Finland. The question is why men’s haircuts are valued differently from women’s? Women’s hair is more difficult to cut, more time-consuming, women are more picky, men come in more often as the average man has shorter hair?

Anyway, this would be the first time in Finland any company would face financial penalties based on the gender equality law, a law that has been effective for more than 20 years already.

At the same time we might want to ask why women are expected to be properly made up with their hair done as men can go unshaved for weeks. Women are essential to national economy as they spend so much money on their outlooks in addition to all clothes they buy, money spent on workouts, hair products, cosmetics etc

Women earn less money but still have to spend more to stay smart and good-looking. Men just need to get gray hair and a thick wallet to be someone to keep in mind. Where’s the equality in all that?

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